Gliding in Spain

Gliding in Spain

Gliding : Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in gliding clubs. Gliding lessons and gliding experiencies are a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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Gliding experiences

All the Gliding companies

Company Santa Cilia De Jaca (Huesca)
Aeroclub Nimbus
130€ per person
5 Prices
6 reviews
Company Badajoz (City) (Badajoz)
125€ per person
1 Prices
Company Lillo (Toledo)
Real Aeroclub de Lillo
110€ per person
2 Prices
22 reviews
Company Beas De Segura (Jaén)
Club Deportivo Vuela Jaén
100€ per person
1 Prices
Company Igualada (Barcelona)
Club Igualada-Ódena
99€ per person
1 Prices
11 reviews
Company Málaga (City) (Málaga)
Aviación & Aventura
94€ per person
1 Prices
2 reviews
Company Ocaña (Toledo)
Alas al Viento
Company Villamartin (Cádiz)
Aeroclub Volar al Sur
1 Feedback
Company La Villa De Don Fadrique (Toledo)
Club Clavileño
2 reviews
Company Ontur (Albacete)
Agrupación de Pilotos del Sureste
Company Ocaña (Toledo)
2 reviews
Company Santo Tome Del Puerto (Segovia)
Club Loreto
2 reviews

Tips if you are going to do Gliding in Spain

There exist more ways of flying, that surely you already know about, but one of one of the most beautiful way to do it is by gliding. The gliders have the most modern technology with nature. You will discover futuristic-style aircrafts with stelized appearance that, to contrary what you may think, they don’t carry any motor whatsoever. That way, you will experience a flight that becomes a continuous dance with the wind currents until the aircraft touches again the tracks of the airport when landing.
1. You can hold the controls

Whilst a pilot needs an exhaustive training that should not be taken in a hurry, the gliding activity gives you the opportunity to pass directly to the action. Sitting on one of the two spaces of the glider, you can take charge in controlling everything with the indications given by the instructor that flies with you. Relax, because he/she have passed all the courses and knows everything about to enjoy a safe trip.
You can hold the controls
The fuel is provided the own atmosphere
2. The fuel is provided the own atmosphere

If there is no motor, well kerosene neither. The gliders don’t use any type of fossil fuel, which makes it just perfect when we live in a era where everyone is looking to respect the environment. The glider not only is nourished by the currents and thermals that are born from the atmospheric changes, establishing this, we review all the technical aspects. But, what is needed is just a small push to take-off. In occasions, a windlass is used but, in the majority of times, a light aircraft puts in front to drag the glider just like a road crane.
3. You have from a quiet glide to an exciting aerobatic flight

Once the tugboat unlocks the cable that connects you with the glider you will see how it moves away so that you can manage on your own. At the beginning you will have the same feeling as when you learned to ride a bicycle and you realized that nobody was holding you. Leave the panic aside because if you do not have a license, remember that you are going with a pilot. The moment in which the sailboat disengages usually takes place at 600 meters of altitude. That gives you time to plan calmly for about half an hour or to take advantage of the thermals with extreme maneuvers not suitable for sensitive stomachs.
You have from a quiet glide to an exciting aerobatic flight
If you become addicted, you can take a course
4. If you become addicted, you can take a course

The dozen of schools that exist in Spain of this modality are prepared so that you study your Pilot's License of Glider as of the 16 years. So you can be the one in charge of one of these routes for the pure pleasure of flying, not as paid work. Relax and disconnect in an aircraft in which you walk through the skies in absolute peace that means not having to endure the noise of the engine. With 2 months dedicated to the contents and up to 6 months to pass all the exams you will be ready.
5. Suitable for people with disabilities

There is adapted sailing, thanks to which those who use a wheelchair can also live this experience. The gliders in which these types of needs are taken into account eliminate important barriers so that nobody has to give up the magnificent sensation of flying.
Suitable for people with disabilities
When you can go gliding?

Spain has the perfect climate conditions and geographic characteristics to carry out a gliding adventure, all year round. If it does not rain and the wind does not blow much above 30 km per hour, it is a perfectly safe activity. However, if you try or repeat during the warm seasons, you will notice that the walk is somewhat longer. In spring and summer is when the thermals are given more easily because the sun heats the earth.