Horse Riding Camps in Spain

Horse Riding Camps in Spain

Company guides for Horse Riding Camps: Check prices, modalities, budgets and get the best offers from the best companies of Horse Riding Camps Activities like Horse Riding Camps are perfect for birthday celebrations, Corporate and Teambuilding events and Hen or Stag dos.
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All the Horse Riding Camps companies

Horse Riding Camps Zaldibia (Guipúzcoa)
Club Hípico Lazkaomendi
275€ per person
7 Prices
Horse Riding Camps La Vall D'en Bas (Girona)
EQuaid eQuillet Club Hipic
450€ per person
1 Prices
Horse Riding Camps Novallas (Zaragoza)
Campo Alegre
200€ per person
3 Prices
Horse Riding Camps Jaca (Huesca)
Pirineo Ecuestre
1.160€ per person
2 Prices
2 reviews
Horse Riding Camps Añezcar (Navarra)
Escuela de Equitación Añézcar
690€ per person
2 Prices
1 Feedback
Horse Riding Camps Mollo (Girona)
La Costa
462€ per person
1 Prices
Horse Riding Camps Orrius (Barcelona)
Hípica Òrrius
95€ per person
1 Prices
Horse Riding Camps Ortigueira (A Coruña)
Granxa do Souto
690€ per person
2 Prices
Horse Riding Camps Huerta (Salamanca)
Los Caballos de la Ribera
15€ per person
2 Prices
Horse Riding Camps San Ildefonso O La Granja (Segovia)
Picadero Herranz
250€ per person
3 Prices
Horse Riding Camps Cabezon De Pisuerga (Valladolid)
La Hijosa
75€ per person
2 Prices
Horse Riding Camps Vicuña (Álava)
Caballerizas Bikuña
70€ per person
2 Prices
3 reviews

Horse Riding Camps experiences

Tips if you are going to do Horse Riding Camps in Spain

Horses and ponies are among the desires of the majority of kids. That’s why, the best thing you can give as a gift, is to give them during their holidays, a space in an equestrian camp. Surely, your little one can think in a best way to pass their vacations, and don’t lie to yourself, having several days to rest from the youngsters is also a reward for the parents.
1. Cohabitation with the horses

The horses are the main attraction of the equestrian camps. The majority of games and activities revolve around them from the moment the children wakes up. The regular students of horse riding classes can jump into that intensive mode to study the techniques that are taught throughout the school’s year. Nevertheless, your kids can assist the camps even though, maybe, they have no idea of this experience. The professors and instructors will arrange the groups so each and one of the students can study their skill-level traineeship.
Cohabitation with the horses
Suitable for all ages
2. Suitable for all ages

From the age of 7, kids can participate, although it depends on the Summer camp. Normally, they allow to enroll from small children to youngsters, marking the limit of the groups or schedules until they are 12 or 13. The idea is to arrange everything according to the children, so the little ones learn accordingly to their knowledge or the adolescents don’t get bored when sharing activities with the younger. Boys and girls will find people with the same tastes and/or level of knowledgement. We guarantee they will return home with a new friend on their list.
3. Outdoor sports are combined

In an equestrian camp not everything is about horses. During the day, the instructors will propose other interesting and fun activities. They will show to the kids how to make art with their small hands, will enjoy trips throughout the surroundings and will swim in the pool during hotter days. This is about offering a complete vital experience.
Outdoor sports are combined
There are camps with or without accommodation
4. There are camps with or without accommodation

The majority of them have daily schedules, by receiving the kids each day on the first hour of the morning and ending all the activities before or after eating lunch. Sometimes, they have the option of expanding the schedule so, if you can’t pick them up at 1 P.M., per example, you can then do it at 4 P.M., moments before they eat a snack. However, in others, the children can stay under full-board regime, by staying in the campus itself.
5. Independence and responsibility are encouraged

A camp can be an experience that can make your kid more independent: they will need to take care of their cleaning and washing and take care of the personal belongings without mom and dad looking for it. In the equestrian programmes, they deeply work the capacities of taking responsibility in concrete chores. A horse is assigned to each kid, so he/she takes care and feed them. They will get accustomed to follow a schedule to brush them, prepare them to ride, shower them, feed them and prepare their stable for rest.
Independence and responsibility are encouraged
When the kids can visit an equestrian camp?

The equestrian camps open the enrollment process when the schools are closed during the holidays. The camps are available during Summer, from the final weeks of June until the end of August, and even on the first days of September. You will also find offers for Easter and some days during Christmas.