Bungee Jumping in Madrid

Bungee Jumping in Madrid

Bungee Jumping in Madrid: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in bungee jumping companies in Madrid. Bungee jump in Madrid is a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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Bungee Jumping experiences in Madrid

All the Bungee Jumping companies in Madrid

Highjump Salto Límite
Company Madrid (City) (Madrid)

If you like to download adrenaline and want to live one of the most beastly experiences that exist, come to Buitrago de Lozoya, Madrid, and enjoy a bungee jump or difficult bunggee jumping... (Bungee Jump Madrid)

25€ per person
6 Prices
193 reviews
Asdón Aventura Madrid
Company Gargantilla De Lozoya (Madrid)

Asdon Aventura, a pioneer company in Spain since 1989, organizing bungee jumping in Madrid. Pioneers in jumping with triple security system and a protocol that makes us the only company in Madrid without any incident or accident. Ges Insurance Policy Award... (Bungee Madrid)

20€ per person
10 Prices
262 reviews
Ocinat Madrid
Company Madrid (City) (Madrid)

Jumping through a bridge, a priori, may seem crazy, but if madness becomes one of the greatest pleasures you can experience, would you sign up? Ocinat gives you the opportunity to do bungee jumping in the Community of Madrid, in the Taboada Bridge,... (Bungee Jump Madrid)

20€ per person
1 Prices

Tips if you are going to do Bungee Jumping in Madrid

If you don’t know where to go bungee jumping in Madrid, you have the following locations to choose from it:

Bungee Jumping in Buritrago de Lozoya, located at 74 kilometers from the city center, there is the bridge that passes over the Cofio River in the Community of Madrid. The jump takes place in the Taboada bridge, one that is covered with abandoned train rails, which makes the situation, its safety conditions and surroundings the best place to practice bungee jumping with 40 meters in height.

Here, you have the video that shows a lot better what we are trying to explain:

Is important that all the companies fulfill all the safety measure and uses the system with several ropes and harnesses, to guarantee complete security when the jumps take place. The professionalism in this sport is an obligation like it supposed to be with all the companies, but this one in specific needs to take it further, so we recommend you to read all the opinions from those who have done the activity when deciding for your jump. Also, these companies need to ha Civil Liability insurances in force (we recommend you to ask for it before jumping).

The first thing will be to prepare you for the jump. This is the part where we will explain the most important basic notions, talk about safety and put the harnesses and the helmet on, if necessary. Nerves and extreme adrenaline feelings.

But, don’t worry, the instructors will be staying with you at all times, before the jump, will help you to relax and feel safe, and you made the final decision.

Depending on the company you choose, and the price of the jump, etc., you can do one of the following modalities, always with the help and previous explanation from a professional and experienced monitor:

The known rope jumping, this one is about a free fall, pendular and vertical. The most common bungee jump but the most demanded one. An authentic release of adrenaline if you want to enjoy strong sensations. Very recommendable. Take a look to all the offers we provide in Madrid.

The bungee jump is really fun since is done with an elastic rope, the excitement multiplies once experimenting with a variety of jumps inside one. The intensity descends smoothly, every time you bounce, but of course, is worth the try, the first two rebounds are incredible, and when you think is over, you will start again!!

Y cuidadito si vas de acompañante, no serás ni el primero ni el último que acabe saltando. Es difícil resistirse a vivir la sensación si lo ves en directo.

And beware if you come as the companion, you won’t be first nor the last one that ends jumping. Is difficult to just not jump when looking at your friends doing it.

Opinions of our adventurers who have done this activity

Amara Arribas Estévez
5 Very good
"Was 10"
I bought a jump to give it to a friend, but I went as a companion. The experience was 10. We saw about 30 jumps before it was the turn of my friend, which caused much of their fears and insecurities to disappear. The fact of seeing how many... View more people jump, comes back up safely and tells you that it is the best experience and would repeat right now, it gives you a lot of security and increases your desire. I was tempted to jump too! The treatment of the professionals was impeccable. They are super coiled, and with their jokes and good royo make the atmosphere much more relaxed and have a good time even when you are waiting. Tip: if you buy the jump in summer, do not forget the sunscreen! They are a couple of horitas on the bridge without a hint of shadow ...
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Manuel Domínguez Gómez
5 Very good
"It was great"
We went a group of friends, one of them had to do the bungee jumping as a birthday present. The indications that did not give were very good, we could leave the car in an open field and then walk 15 minutes to the end of the bridge, moment where... View more the one that was thrown almost denied. The pity is that it was raining, but there was no problem for that. The men there were very nice and the experience was very good. Maybe soon another friend is pointed.
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Kevin Alcon Torrens
5 Very good
"Unique experience"
Great atmosphere, unique experience. We jumped my father and I and, although I loved it, I think he liked it much more. Three days have passed since the jump and you are insisting on booking another. The treatment with which they receive you... View more is close and pleasant, ideal to finish animarte if you go with doubts. First time we do bungee jumping and, of course, we will repeat.
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Cristian anaya sanchez
5 Very good
"Very nice"
I am going to speak for my wife and a friend of mine who were the ones who jumped since I for a back health problem could not (thanks to the monitor for warning me). Well nothing to say that they are very happy with the experience, I think they... View more have a lot of security, a very nice monitor, and the incredible jump. I recommend this activity to 100% (it is not a risk sport).
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The last consultations about budget and prices we have received from interested people

Company in Madrid (Ciudad)
Hashir · Hi, We would like to receive more information please we ate a group of four friends traveling from Canada. Our spoken and preferred language is English and we were wondering how much it would cost as View more well as how high the jump is from.
Company in Madrid (Ciudad)
Daniele · We are 7 italian guys and we will arrive to Madrid on May 26th. We want to know how much cost for Bungee Jumping and where is the location for the jump. We looking to do this activity for may View more 27th.
Company in Madrid (Ciudad)
Tom raithby · We are coming to Madrid on the 13th April for my best friends stag party. We would like to get him a surprise bungee jump on the Friday. Could you let me know an idea of times and a View more cost?
Company in Madrid (Ciudad)
Andreas · I would like to book it for this day (10 March 2018) in the afternoon. It must be in the city, how long is the drive from Calle de Gravina?
Company in Madrid (Ciudad)
Tom · We are visiting Madrid on the 13th of April. It is our best friends stag do. We would like to get him to do a bungee jump. Would it be possible to book?
Company in Madrid (Ciudad)
Joseph · We are visiting Madrid during next week, and we are making an activity schedule with adventure sports. We would like to to do a bungee jump and also more information about other kind of activties or View more jumps that your company can provide us.
Company in Madrid (Ciudad)
Tom Hill · 10 of us are coming to Madrid and are interested in doing the bungee jump on saturday june 10th, can you tell me how much it costs and when we could do it?
Company in Madrid (Ciudad)
Sumeet · I will be in Madrid on 7-8th Sept I was looking for some good bunjee jumping spots Let me know if you have slots available on the above mentioned dates and how many jumps would be possible to View more do.