English Camps in Spain

English Camps in Spain

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English Camps Orpesa/oropesa Del Mar (Castellón)
Campamentos Mediterráneo
298€ per person
8 Prices
18 reviews
English Camps Valencia (City) (Valencia)
249€ per person
4 Prices
English Camps Mequinenza (Zaragoza)
Jovial Adventure Zaragoza
399€ per person
1 Prices
1 Feedback
English Camps Llerena (Badajoz)
Valle de los Molinos
99€ per person
4 Prices
2 reviews
English Camps Onil (Alicante)
370€ per person
4 Prices
1 Feedback
English Camps Mestas De Con (Asturias)
227€ per person
3 Prices
2 reviews
English Camps Madrid (City) (Madrid)
Berlitz Madrid
595€ per person
2 Prices
English Camps Requena (Valencia)
Moragete Complejo Educativo
40€ per person
6 Prices
4 reviews
English Camps Arenys De Mar (Barcelona)
Berlitz Barcelona
545€ per person
2 Prices
English Camps Espiel (Córdoba)
Berlitz Córdoba
495€ per person
2 Prices
English Camps Fornelos De Montes (Pontevedra)
El Kiriko
545€ per person
2 Prices
English Camps Ilzarbe (Navarra)
English Camp Navarra
250€ per person
2 Prices
English Camps Cazorla (Jaén)
195€ per person
4 Prices
English Camps Cudillero (Asturias)
Berlitz Asturias
595€ per person
2 Prices
English Camps El Puerto De Santa Maria (Cádiz)
Berlitz Cádiz
595€ per person
2 Prices
English Camps Sotogrande (Cádiz)
Sotogrande International School
850€ per person
3 Prices

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English Camps experiences

Tips if you are going to do English Camps in Spain

Summer is getting closer and you don’t know what to do for that final weeks in June, until finally the whole family go to the beach, but until that moment, you don’t know where to leave your kids… Do you know what we are talking about? The solution can be to leave them in an English camp. From your point of view, children will be learning this language that is so necessary for the future in any field and from their own, they will be having fun making new friends and spending incredible weeks.
1. They will lose the fear of talking

Is normal, especially in the smallest ones to be afraid to make mistakes while speaking a language that is not the native one. In the camps they try to eradicate that at the root, fostering fellowship and inculcating the philosophy that nobody is born knowing. Naturally and with different techniques, the monitors will get the child to integrate perfectly into the group and be released to speak in English without being noticed.
They will lose the fear of talking
Native professors
2. Native professors

In the majority of the camps, the monitors are natives. This means is a perfect opportunity for the kids neutralize with the language, and to then incorporate it in their daily lives. Some professors perfectly understand Spanish, and in the case they don’t, they have assistants that will help the kids when something gets difficult during the stay. If you are sending your kid abroad, this is the way, the more common and simple for the little ones to develop in the Anglo-Saxon language.
3. There will make a lot of friends

They play, coexist and build relationships with kids with the same age, always supervised by the teachers or technicians of the sport they are going to do. They always receive instructions and advice in English, although that does not mean that there can not be interpreters to help them with the day to day. It is proven that year after year the children finish the camp with a new group of friends, and sometimes they keep in touch with them. In addition, this experience will help them to build friendships in the future and in other environments, something great especially for the most introverted.
There will make a lot of friends
The will study content
4. The will study content

Normally, at all English camps there are classes sessions in which they will review the contents they have given at school during the course and will expand to new ones. And in the cases that are 100% linguistic immersion camps where there are no theoretical classes to use, they will know vocabulary, verbal forms and grammatical structures that will then be useful for use in the school or institute.
5. The will be independent

In the English camps, like all the rest, are experiences so the kids learn to be more autonomous and solve everyday problems easily. Also, the camps will provide other values like teamwork, socializing and integrate by themselves, cohabitate with people that are not family and develop personally. These are the most difficult aspects to put into practice when at home, that’s why if you notice rejection from the kid, at first, you’ll need to visit the facilities and highlight the most attractive part of the camp itself. We assure that you will repeat the next year!
The will be independent
Thinking about an English camp?

There exist two types of camps, those who go and return in the day and those who stay to sleep, the duration can range from a week to a month. The first are usually themed urban camps, that is, they deal with a specific topic that is attractive to children, such as "pirates". They are developed in classrooms and can be organized by language schools, they focus more on the reinforcement of the language, although always through games and play activities. The latter tend to be more of a multi-adventure type, treating English as if it were just another communication tool. What's yours? The popular period for the development of this activity is in summer, although they are also organized during Easter and Christmas.