Safaris in Spain

Safaris in Spain

Company guides for Safaris: Check prices, modalities, budgets and get the best offers from the best companies of Safaris Activities like Safaris are perfect for birthday celebrations, Corporate and Teambuilding events and Hen or Stag dos.
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Company Andujar (Jaén)
Iberian Lynx Land
Company L' Ampolla (Tarragona)
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Company Malpartida De Plasencia (Cáceres)
En Ruta Naturaleza y Aventura
Company Jimena De La Frontera (Cádiz)
La Pequeña África
Company Almuñecar (Granada)
Turismo Granada
Company Arges (Toledo)
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Company Mestanza (Ciudad Real)
Aborigen Tribe
Company Piedrafita De Jaca (Huesca)
La Cuniacha
Company Penàguila (Alicante)
Safari Aitana
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Company Badajoz (City) (Badajoz)
Company Manises (Valencia)
Valencia Excursions

Tips if you are going to do Safaris in Spain

Who decides to go and have fun in a safari in the city, never regrets that decision. They are affordable, perfect to go with kids and also, the adults will have a great or better time than them.

There are so impressive safaris out there that it looks like you are in the middle of Africa, that’s why, to book a day to celebrate any special event is a success.
1. A whole community in the same place

It looks incredible that in urban places like Madrid, there exists a paradise that recreates the animal's habitats to perfection, like the rhino's, tiger’s or zebra's.

To be able to get in contact with species that are out of the ordinary, feed them or pass several hours with them, is the thing that will help you if you decide to go to the safari.
A whole community in the same place
Travel far without leaving
2. Travel far without leaving "home"

All the magic and enchantment of the jungle is closer than you think. If one of your dreams is to have fun in the African savannah, see how the different species pass by your side undaunted and have a great time whilst the bolder ones ask you for something to eat, buy your ticket entrance in any of the urban safaris that exist all over the Peninsule.

Tarragona, Toledo, Huesca, Alicante… Practically, in any part of the country you can enjoy these marvelous places and organize an out-of-the-ordinary trip.
3. Discover how impressive some of these species can be

Beyond the trips to farm-schools when you were in school, the majority of people has haven’t been in contact with other animals than a dog, maybe a horse or a monkey…

At the safaris, you can see from lions to birds of prey, and the best part is, that they live in semi-liberty so you don't feel sad nor guilty when observing them inside a small cage, in cases crammed with others, when you can see their sad faces. Here, you'll see how they behave and cohabitate with other species, and a lot of times even noticing that the visitants are there.
Discover how impressive some of these species can be
Affordable for everyone
4. Affordable for everyone

In case the thing that pushed you back was the price of the safaris, you need to know that they are very affordable, always depending on the services you book.

A day adventure for the whole family doesn't affect the budget, so this could be the perfect whim you can enjoy, and one the the little ones will love and remember forever.
5. Unique pictures

Do not forget to bring your camera and your phone charged to the max to take the best pictures.

Some of the animals and species are very nice and friendly and they approach the cars, even put their mouths inside the car when looking for something to eat. However, the monkey are shameless and they even get inside to "steal" everything they can. Would you manage to take a selfie with one of them?
Unique pictures
When to go to a safari?

You can carry out a safari adventure throughout all year, as long as is not raining a lot, to the point that the tour can get ruined.

Also, some species, when the winter season arrives, they hibernate and just disappear until Spring.

That's why, if you want to secure a great day in the safari, is better to choose a day within Spring or Autumn, when is not so cold or hot to have fun with all the animals that live in this "Urban savannah".