Bungee Jumping in Barcelona

Bungee Jumping in Barcelona

All companies to jump into bungee jumping in Barcelona . Here you can see prices, the modalities of the jumps, opinions of people who have already jumped, so you can choose the bungee jumping company in Barcelona that gives you the most confidence. If you are looking to do bungee jumping in Barcelona , you can also do it.
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Bungee Jumping in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia

24% DISC
Bungee Jumping in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia

It was a gift for my oldest daughter, we arrived at the right place at the time, Cristina and her partner were waiting for us.

They explained how the jump would be, there was another couple who would jump at that time, they put the harness, the helmet, a reflective vest to those who were going to jump and how we were going with my daughter, her mother, her sister and me, they told us that he could only get on the bridge with a companion.

I told him that his sister also wanted to go up and they let her go up, they left us reflective vests, because for them the main thing is to have fun with all the securities.

Once on the bridge, they explained to my daughter how to jump and it was there ... she had a great time!

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45€ 24% from 34€


Bungee Jumping in Montserrat from 30 Metres

14% DISC
Bungee Jumping in Montserrat from 30 Metres

We went to skip a friend and I and the experience was futile. Incredible! It was the first time and we liked it. Much adrenaline rush when jumping!

The monitors of La Sargantana (Cristina and Albert) were very nice, attentive and kind with the whole group that we got together to jump, had a lot of patience and good treatment for a girl who did not dare to jump for fear, they proved to be very Good people.

And they had it all neatly organized on the bridge for us to jump safely.
When we save a little we will repeat it for sure !! Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

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35€ 14% from 30€


Bungee Jumping in Montserrat Noon/Afternoon Offer

Bungee Jumping in Montserrat Noon/Afternoon Offer

The jump realized it; My partner, was a gift from Reyes.

The truth is that he has enjoyed it immensely, very satisfied. The day of the jump was 3 people who jumped and the atmosphere was nervous, but the two activity monitors were very patient.

In addition, their professionalism is seen at all times. I think we will repeat with other activities.

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Last 41 days ago
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from 25€


Bungee Jumping 30 m high in Sant Sadurní 9 am

Bungee Jumping 30 m high in Sant Sadurní 9 am

Very good experience! Getting to the site is very simple.

We are newcomers but the monitors convey a lot of confidence.

Even with jokes that, given the situation, should not like you much ... hahaha
We did a jump on our backs and another on our faces. Different sensations but better face. I recommend it to anyone who wants to jump for the first time.

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Last 28 days ago
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from 24€

Bungee Jumping Experiences in Barcelona

All the Bungee Jumping companies in Barcelona

Company Collbato (Barcelona)
La Sargantana
20€ per person
9 Prices
165 reviews
Company Sant Sadurni D'anoia (Barcelona)
Catalonia Adventures
19€ per person
11 Prices
472 reviews
Company Vallcebre (Barcelona)
pèndol guies de muntanya
28€ per person
4 Prices
26 reviews
Company Barcelona (City) (Barcelona)
Bungee Jumping Barcelona
35€ per person
8 Prices
29 reviews
Company Baga (Barcelona)
Altitud Extrem
30€ per person
3 Prices
12 reviews
Company Berga (Barcelona)
37€ per person
2 Prices
Company Premia De Mar (Barcelona)
Bungee Factory
1 Feedback
Company Cubelles (Barcelona)

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