Aeropuerto de Noáin 31001 Pamplona (Navarra)
 Group of adventurers before departure Bullring of Pamplona  Rainbow  Rising  Floats at Noáin Airport  Landing  About to take off  Above the clouds  Aerial view of our fields  Pilot and plane

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Description of Vuela

Welcome to the adventure of flying by plane flying over Pamplona and Navarra with Fly .

Takeoff and landing are done at Noáin airport in a 3-seat + 1 plane.

We can fly over La Ciudadela, San Cristóbal, your neighborhood, Pamplona and its region from the air with a duration of around 30 minutes.

If it's the first time you fly you can get your flight baptism. Flight baptism is an unofficial certificate that we will give you (if it is the first time you fly with us).

The name of the flight, the date of the flight, how you spent it, etc ...

Get your flight baptism and encourage others to decide, we are waiting for you!

Pilot experience: In addition to Pamplona, ​​I have been learning and flying in California and Ireland. in total I have accumulated more than 170 flight hours

If you are coming, you will need: your ID and if you like the photos, do not forget your camera.

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