Yeste Airsoft Wars

Arroyo Morote 02480 Yeste (Albacete)
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 Airsoft players in Yeste Protected flag  Communicating by radio  Shooting the attacker  Players resting at the tables  Protected behind the sacks

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Description of Yeste Airsoft Wars

Yeste Airsoft Wars organizes the best fighting simulations of Albacete , through decoration, props and a good war script, we get games full of action and lots of fun.

Airsoft is more than a war game, the meetings we organize from Yeste Airsoft War are conventions where lovers of combat simulations meet to spend the day together doing what they like best.

We organize games in 3 battlefields, different terrains and landscapes to offer the greatest possible realism according to the plot of the story. Try:

- The Valley: composed of 3 hectares in which trenches and areas that will serve as refuge are distributed. You will play among pine trees and you will find what was the channel of a river now without water.

- The Hill: with a greater extension that reaches 5 hectares with scrubland and level changes for which you have to use ropes. Ready for the most complex tactics.

- Las Laderas: the last of the game spaces is the one we are preparing by enabling its 15 hectares for the most intense games.

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