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Description of Globos La Mancha

There are times when the body asks you to try new things but you need a "little push" so you can see clearly what you really want. It's just what you'll find in La Mancha Balloons , the perfect opportunity for you to have a ride in balloon that will leave you speechless.

With different flight zones for you to decide who to visit from a different perspective, the routes are divided between the provinces of Toledo or Ciudad Real itself < / strong>. All of them will know how to make it an unforgettable memory thanks, above all, to the group of experts who will prioritize the safety of all participants.

The city of Toledo or surroundings and its history, the castle of Los Calatravos , different places of Ciudad Real such as Consuegra, Campo de Criptana, Almagro, surroundings of Ruidera, Alcudia Valley ... all Historic places with a great legend behind them that you can enjoy hundreds of feet high.

You can also choose between different types of balloon flight:

  • In hot air balloon is the most traditional way we have to try this activity. In a calm way, taking advantage of the days with the most favorable wind to enjoy with all the senses of the Toledo landscapes. You will help us assemble and inflate the balloon so that you can participate at all times.

  • We offer balloon flights for small groups in 2 of our balloons . A nice way to share illusion sementaje that more than one will be supposed to fulfill the dream of his life. And what better way to do it flying with your group of favorite people, your family or who you choose so you can take advantage of this special price.

  • Apart from everything, there are those special moments that you want to spend with your partner. Can you think of something more romantic than a flight for two ? Undoubtedly, a gift literally "high" in which you can choose the route of up to 50 km around Ciudad Real. Even if you prefer, we can already have the balloon inflated so that someone takes the surprise of his life.

On all routes you can enjoy a toast with cava , have some spectacular photos and a lunch somewhere charming nearby. And of course, your experience will not be in vain, because you will also have a accrediting diploma in which your most adventurous spirit is embodied.

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