Los Chatos

Calle de Loreto, 19 44450 Valverde (Teruel)
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Descripción de Los Chatos

Located in La Puebla de Valverde, Los Chatos is a cattle ranch in which two lines are distinguished:

  • The first comes from the cows of the land whose offspring are mainly used to celebrate popular festivities such as “Bous al Carrer”.
  • The second comes from the Murube-Urquijo, whose root dates from the year 1,772 and whose offspring is dedicated to the fight.

The cattle are in the Finca "Aleros" which has a space of 35 hectares and enjoys a privileged location approximately one hour from Valencia. The farm has a clear livestock, forestry and tourist orientation, due to its landscapes and altitude. It has a grocery store, desolladero, dining room, restaurant, paelleros, in addition to the traditional places and utensils typical of a cattle ranch.

Among the activities that are developed we can mention:

  • Bous al Carrer
  • Capeas
  • Harassment and Demolition
  • Sidewalks
  • Medieval tournaments
  • Tempted Open Field
  • Field Enclosures
  • Portable Square

If you need more information on how to hold your event with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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