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Jaén, Jaén 23004 Jaén (Ciudad) (Jaén)
 Interior Cathedral Banos Arab Jaen  Santa Catalina Castle  Jaen Provincial Museum  Battle Square  Aerial City View

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Description of Cláritas Turismo

The Cláritas Tourist and Cultural Experiences organization is made up of a diversity of professionals, graduates in Art History and Cultural Heritage.

With the services we offer we want our tourists to take full advantage of the art and culture of the city of Jaén. We are experts in guided tours and cultural activities.

The activities we do are:

- Discover Jaén: This itinerary is characterized by the visit of the historic center of the Andalusian city. Passing through the various neighborhoods that make up downtown, as well as all the emblematic monuments that house in the province.

- Explore Jaén: This visit brings together all corners of Jaén, not just the center. Including the Jaén Museum, the Santa Catalina Castle, the Arab baths, the cathedral ... among many other places.

- Jaén Cathedral: converted into a major church since the year of its conquest. We will visit this architectural jewel dating back to 1246. We will discover the different functions that it has had throughout its history, as well as its conquests and architectural changes.

- Santa Catalina Castle: a monument whose construction began in the Islamic era. Also known as the Old Alcazar, we will discover all its secrets at every step we take along its path.

- Jaén Museum: is a visit where we will learn all the characteristics of the art that inhabits the entire museum.

- Arab Baths: considered the largest Arab baths in Europe and North Africa. They are built since the year 1002, we can see all the Andalusian art left by Muslims, as well as the history and usefulness of these enclosures in the Islamic era.

- Night Walk: We will make the walk through the streets of Jaén at the time it begins to get dark. Accompanied by our monitors who will tell you unique anecdotes.

We also have a variety of products and offers for groups of many people, as well as for school trips where they will learn the whole history of this beautiful city.

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