Málaga Laser Tag

Calle Roberto Harvey 29791 Macharaviaya (Málaga)
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Description of Málaga Laser Tag

There is a way to simulate a cross-fire battle without suffering bruises or blows to the body. In Málaga Laser Tag we have developed an outdoor laser tag field in the village of Macharaviaya , in the mountain range of the Axarquía region. A battlefield in the midst of nature and with hiding places, shelters and areas where to cover to shoot without being seen, this terrain is ideal for outdoor laser tag practice.

Playing for teams, protections are not necessary as in paintball, only a vest that detects the shots to count the successes and errors of both sides throughout the game. And don't worry about the damage to the eyes, because this infrared light is harmless .

The games are suitable for children and adults and, in addition, we have a team of unique weapons and materials. An AK for short-range shooting, an MP 512 as a sniper for remoteness, claymore, bombs ... a real war material that will make video games fall short.

Besides, there are 4 different game modes so that it is not a repetitive afternoon: dominance, duel to death by teams, siege and the deactivation of a bomb. Precision and strategy come into play, so try to think and plan how to beat the opponent, while the laser on both sides intersect.

The points are counted on a computer and you will check them at the end of the experience.

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