Calle Iglesia, 3 09199 Olmos De Atapuerca (Burgos)
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Description of SierrActiva

Live a unique experience at our SierrActiva camp, located next to the Atapuerca caves, something no one else can say.

Do you want to feel like an archaeologist from the Atapuerca caves? Here you can dig like a true professional, make tools like in prehistory and make fire like the old hominids. A place surrounded by history, full of curious things, discoveries, who knows ... you could find something that nobody has seen yet.

In this camp everything is possible, we will teach you the properties of medicinal plants, to paint cave paintings, in other words ... for a few days you will be the same as your ancestors. We can feel the same as they felt and we will move away in tents. Our goal is to spread and promote our heritage in a fun way, with everything that Spain hides and how little we take advantage of it.

In our own way we put our grain of sand showing you what Atapuerca can give us. We will make the story we have entertaining and interesting and you will know a little more about ourselves. We will visit the sites, the Roman road and the Esperanza Mine. If you want to know a little more about us and ask us for prices, you just have to say it.

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