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Calle Polígono 61, 96 46600 Alzira (Valencia)
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Description of Paintball Alzira

If you want a place to practice the exciting activity that is paintball, how about approaching Alzira Paintball and enjoying the incredible battlefield we have? Come along with your group and let us become the protagonists of the new war movie that will be produced in our facilities.

How will you play? Will you try to create a situation that gives rise to surprise? Or will you gradually wear down their defenses to catch them with no way out? Paintball is not simply a shooting game without more, it requires a strategic component that is what differentiates normal players from the truly shocking ones. Brain or executor? Decide your role and that of the rest of your group before harassing the rival.

Paintball is by no means a dangerous activity, but certain safety rules must be followed to prevent something to regret. To begin with, a protective mask should be worn so as not to receive impacts on the face, as well as a military jumpsuit that will greatly reduce the strength of the balls when colliding with the body. Even so, a good attitude of the players is necessary, not firing from less than the minimum allowed distance, for example. If all this is taken into account, it can be played quietly and without problems.

Come with us and immerse yourself in this battle environment and, above all, friendship. Cheer up!

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