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Description of Paintball Viver

Paintball is, without a doubt, one of the sports and leisure activities that has been most widely implemented in Spain in recent years. The factors that have favored this expansion are the fact that it can be done outdoors and in nature, as well as camaraderie, “team” building and the adrenaline that it makes those who practice it feel.

The idea arose from seeing guns that fired paintballs to mark trees and livestock, thus creating the first outdoor paintball field. It expanded rapidly throughout Europe, although it was not introduced in Spain until 1992, without success. However, in 1994, Paintball fields re-emerged with guaranteed success.

Our field has a rest area where you can take a break and refresh yourself with soft drinks and snacks while you discuss the best “plays” of the game. Meals are also available on request. In summer you have a swimming pool to combat the heat.

These are some of the games you can enjoy with Paintball Viver:

  • Flag Game: This is one of the most common games. To play, two teams are formed and each of them is assigned a base and a flag. Each team will try to reach the opposing base, capture their flag and return to your base.
  • Haystack Assault: This game consists of one of the teams defending their base, located in a haystack, tooth and nail. For its part, the opposing team must eliminate all its opponents to conquer the precious haystack. To do this, they must besiege it from two different points on the field in a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Central Flag: This is also one of the most common Paintball games. It consists of taking the only flag on the field, which is located in the middle of it, and taking it to your base.
  • Saving Private Ryan: Each team must choose a player to take to their base safe and sound. This player will not carry a marker to defend himself, so he will depend entirely on the ability of his teammates to save himself. The team that manages to achieve the objective first will win.
  • The Duel: This game consists of a “1 vs 1” duel, to elimination, numbers will be assigned to all team members and when it is their turn to go into action, they will meet their opponent at a point on the field. The first one to receive a hit will be eliminated. The winning team will be the one who wins the most duels.
  • Resistance: It consists of eliminating all the members of the opposing team, whoever succeeds first wins. In this game each player only has one "life", so every time a player is eliminated, he will leave the field and leaveto your equipment with fewer components.

Contact Paintball Viver and enjoy an exciting day of fun with whoever youyou want.

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