Alkatraz Escape Culleredo

Parque empresarial Alvedro, nave B11 15180 Culleredo (Santo Estevo) (A Coruña)
 Signed with orange monkey Looking for clues in the cell  Detained with large chains  Between the bars of the prison  Inmate identification number  Dangerous dam

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Description of Alkatraz Escape Culleredo

In Alkatraz Escape don't bother embarking on the search for the culprit because it's you! In this story of escapism the judge has determined that you must pass to serve a sentence behind the walls of Alkatraz, a name that makes any prisoner tremble at his well-known fame as a maximum security prison. But, who knows, you may be the first to get rid of their bars.

You will be faced with an experience in which the difficulty is clear being more appropriate if you have faced another escape room before. You will have to internalize the prisoner role by groups of 2 to 6 people, it is clear that you will need someone else's collaboration to devise the perfect escape plan.

You will go through several phases since your arrival in Alkatraz which are:

- Photo session : you will be in our photocall before being taken to the cell. You have to dress with the monkey that identifies you as prisoners and we have to take the snapshots that allow us a quick identification so you can not mix with the prison staff.

- Escape game : you only have one chance among prisoner counts and these occur every 60 minutes. If in an hour you have not been able to regain freedom, everything will be bad for you.

You can play adults and minors alone from the age of 14. Children can come in groups of adults from the age of 10.

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