Bluescape Room

Calle Odon Fonoll, 6 25001 Lleida (Ciudad) (Lleida)
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Description of Bluescape Room

At Bluescape Room you'll have to fight a unique thread as the entire world will be at stake. A unique effort that you'll have to overcome by using your wits, teamwork skills, and every kind of special ability to be the saviours the world needs!

  • How the game works: you'll enter a themed room accompanied by whoever you want. This game requires a group of 2 to 5 people to take part. Different enigmas and riddles will be waiting for you to be solved, however, you only have 60 minutes tops to solve them or you'll be trapped forever.
  • The storyline: Bluetenborg is popular due to its nuclear centre. Sadly these facilities are known to hide its nuclear residues underground. Now, a terrorist group plans on unearthing them in order to create a mortal weapon which will be powerful enough to end up with humanity.
  • The requirements: you're not required to have any kind of special physical capability but to use the logic and work as a group. We recommend players to be at least 15 years old in order to understand the game at its fullest, but younger ones can also access accompanied by an adult.

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