Avenida de América, 6 30202 Cartagena (Murcia)
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Description of Enigroom

In Enigroom we consider you so efficient investigators that we know that you have great options to solve a case in just 60 minutes. Enter our escape room in Cartagena and start your minds to get back out without the stopwatch telling us that you have failed after having consumed an hour.

Access is provided to groups of 5 people maximum but you can play even being 2. It may be easier for you to reach the solution by having reached the ideal cooperation method even if you are less participants.

There is no specific age to play and families with children since the age of 9 have already passed through our room. Yes we warn you that if the group consists mostly of participants between the ages of 14 and 18, they will need an adult to accompany them. People who do not speak Spanish may also come because no specific language is involved in the tests that are proposed.

You will be incognito cops looking to find the killers of the judge who had worked so hard to lock up a gangster group. With the information that has reached you and the free floor tracks that you have located, you have to prevent them from escaping and finally bring them before the law.

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