Avenida Manuel Agustín Heredia, 20 29001 Málaga (Ciudad) (Málaga)
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Description of escaPark

If you live in Málaga and want to live an enriching, fun and exciting experience, escaPark is one of your best options to enjoy Malaga's leisure. We propose that you enter an adventure where your ingenuity, precision and logic will be the main protagonists. You will have to leave out the brute force and fine-tune your five senses in order to run away before time runs out.

In this Escape Game you will have unexpected script turns, unsolved puzzles, hidden objects and clues needed to complete the mission. Do not overlook a single detail and you can make your mission a success. Thanks to the dynamics of the game, you will have to work as a team and reinforce values ​​such as companionship and empathy. In this way, the Escape Game is one of the most recommended activities for the work environment, being able to perform a Team Building .

Within our facilities you will find different stories under the same common denominator, escape early. Do not forget that time is running and you only have 60 minutes to leave the room satisfactorily. If you want to become authentic Pirates , you should know that you are inside a sealed cave after finding one of the most precious treasures, the trousseau of the three pirates. You have made a mistake after years and years looking for such a jewel, so you will have to find the code that allows you to open the door and get out of there with the evil booty.

If you want to be part of the other side, you will have to enter the Parallel Dimension . You were looking for dangerous gansters but you have lost track of them and you are in a room inhabited by your clones. Since you travel temporarily, you find how your investigation is initiated but not as advanced as yours, you will have to reconstruct all the profiles of the murderers to find them again and thus get out of the room. The main drawback of this mission lies in your amnesia induced by the Tachyon Vortex, a substance that does not allow you to remember the face of criminals.

Are you prepared to face these two missions? See you in escaPark!

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How to get there?
One minute from Calle de la NORIA and the Muelle Heredia Station.

Adventure Sports Málaga Other leisure time activities Málaga Rooms Escape Málaga