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Description of Escape Room QuestQuest

Do you want to improve the motivation of your employees through a different and extremely fun challenge? If you are looking for something challenging in Palma de Mallorca , read on!

We propose a Team Building activity where you should bring out your logic and cooperate with each other to get escape from a room in less than an hour .

Escape rooms are a great way to encourage teamwork , as employees must work together for the same purpose. Through the game, the intergroup communication will improve, the trust in the team will be increased, and the ability to solve problems will be encouraged, looking for make quick and effective decisions.

We have 3 different games in which we will organize you in groups of 2 to 7 participants , so if you are more, you can divide into groups to compete with each other. We also offer the Combat mode, where a maximum of 12 players can compete in two or more equal groups (between 2 and 6 per game), which group will solve the puzzle and escape before the room?

In addition, we give you the possibility of a manager or coach staying in a special room to analyze the game . From an external vision, you can observe the team and discover who are the most participative players, those who assume the leadership, or the most knowledgeable to solve the clues, so that you will know the skills and the role that each worker plays within the group.

If you want to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your equipment, contact us!

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