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 Discover the clues Suitcase  Baul  Open the locks  Discover the secrets  Multiple details  Live an adventure

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Description of Exciting Game

Exciting Game offers you a challenge. Try to escape from a room by solving all the tests before time runs out. Enjoy a unique and unrepeatable experience in Tenerife.

We propose a real challenge. In our game you will have to escape from a room overcoming the tests that you will find. Cunning and nerves will have a very important role in this activity. Both you and your team will have to fine tune your five senses to be able to escape from the room before time runs out. You have 60 minutes to solve the mystery, it may seem like a long time but you will have to investigate all the objects in detail, without taking anything for granted.

We have two scenarios ready for you to choose the one you like best. It is up to you to take out your most adventurous side by deactivating explosives or your most curious part, having to validate clues.

In The myth of Teide you will enter a mysterious adventure in which the devil comes into play. Legend has it that the Tenerife volcano is inhabited by the demon Guauyota, who kidnapped Magec, the God of the Sun. Thanks to the God Shaman, Magec was released but now the anger of Guayota must be calmed down. You will have to find the magic elixir elaborated by the Guanches to stop the eruptions of the Teide originated by the demon. If you fail, it will be a catastrophe.

The secret of King Guanche focuses on a scientific investigation in which Don José Sánchez discovered the mystery of the origin of the Guanches. As a result of the investigations, he found the treasure of "El Grande", the former King Tinerfe, and there began his ordeal. He has been kidnapped by Boris, a thief who wants to take the jewel at any price. Your job is to discover the whereabouts of the treasure. Don José's life is in your hands.

Become a real detective with Exciting Game .

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