Avenida Infante Juan Manuel, 10, Bajo 30010 Murcia (Ciudad) (Murcia)
 Find the assassin  A game of black magic  Dangerous spells  Any clue can take you out of the room  Ammo used by the assassin  The assassin could use any weapon

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Description of Mysterium

In Mysterium your mind is put to the test in what will be the most important demonstration of ingenuity that you have faced, since it depends on leaving a closed room and there are only 60 minutes to get it.

Our games are planned to be done in groups, with at least 2 players and with a maximum of 5 people so that everyone can play an important role in the task. The daring researchers will have to be over 16 years old although adults can bring children if you stay with them during the adventure.

We propose two different thematic challenges:

  • Black Magic : that will take us to Murcia in 1947 when a missive of unknown origin reaches your hands. A widow implores your collaboration while leaving the city in a hurry after losing her husband for dark reasons that you will have to determine if you do not want anything to happen to you.
  • Snuff movie : as detectives you follow the trail of a murderer who records his misdeeds to upload them to the network. The life of the last of his trophy pieces depends on your ability to reach it before it ends.

When 120 minutes separate you from the solution, there is no time to lose. Shall we start?

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How to get there?

You can find us on the avenue on the south side of the river, in front of the pedestrian bridge of Calatrava. Inside an urbanization with green gates, next to the Mercadona de El Infante.

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