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Calle Auditorium, 1 30008 Murcia (Ciudad) (Murcia)
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Description of Xcape Murcia

Xcape Murcia brings you all the excitement of the escape games in Murcia . And he proposes a most entertaining plan with three ingredients: emotion, clues and time . The dynamics? Overcome any of the available missions before the end of the countdown by helping us only with the objects we find around us.

Obviously, there are more surprise factors that we will not reveal here, because we prefer the live "in situ". Which one do you dare?

  • The castle of ghosts : your excursion has been twisting. A storm begins and the only place to take refuge is an old castle. This, in addition to stone, is built on the basis of legends and everyone talks about the madness that means spending a night there ... Will you go down?
  • Miko's school diary : Miko hanged herself at school. Silence is the loudest thing you will hear there and his body has not yet been found. Miko is just one of many missing there ...
  • Terror call : You are tired after a hard trip and work day. You decide at nightfall rest in the first hotel that arises in your path. The first and the last? Because in the room you will receive a sinister call that will change the course of your life.

We recommend these escapism games, because in addition to being ideal to have a different group plan, it is also a perfect option to celebrate a birthday or a corporate event . Do you escape?

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