Calle Cantábrico, 2 15002 A Coruña (Ciudad) (A Coruña)
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Description of Tresseg

Tresseg is focused on the revolutionary means of transport that is the segway . It is one of the official Segway HT dealers in Spain as well as organizing on-demand routes and segway rental through the city of A Coruña .

We make segway routes to the user's liking through the town center and the surrounding area. A guide will accompany you all the way commenting on the most important thing we see.

Tresseg not only stays on the routes, but has many more services related to this dynamic and modern means of transport:

  • Segway rental for private use for as long as you need.
  • Segway rental for tourist routes through the most interesting points of the city.
  • Advertising events with which you will achieve a great impact.
  • Segways sale
  • Sale and rental of accessories

The operation of the segway consists in the use of SmartMotionTM technology that, through a network of sensors, captures our movements on top of the device and moves accordingly.

A technology that allows us to save us long exhausting walks and to make tourism in an intelligent and economizing way of efforts in addition to respecting the environment.

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