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Description of Skydive León

Do you love high-risk sports and heights?

If your answer is yes, then with Skydive León you can enjoy the best adventure of your life. With us, you can experience the intense excitement of skydiving. It is a unique feeling that is impossible to put into words.

Skydive León is a young company, but with a team of great skydiving professionals. We will take you by our plane to the ideal place to jump, to an altitude of 10.000 feet, where you will perform the jump with one of our instructors who are all great experts of this aerial sport.

Before going skydiving, we will give you basic instructions so that you can face the challenge with total confidence and a peace of mind. Immediately after that, you will be free falling for 30-35 seconds that will make you experience the most powerful emotions ever.

When you are at an altitude of 5000 feet the instructor will open the parachute and you will enjoy an approximately 10 minutes long calm flight that will serve to calm your heart rate and to contemplates the most beautiful landscapes of Leon from the heights.

To be able to carry out the jump, it will be obligatory to follow the next requirements: 
  • Taking into account that all the safety material weighs 3 kg and that you will have to add clothes and shoes, and with everything equipped, you must weigh more than 35 kg and less than 100. If you are in the range of 95 to 100 kg, the wind conditions must be specific.
  • You have to measure more than 1.40 meters and less than 2.
  • The minimum age to jump is 14 years, from this and until you are 18 years old, we need any of your parents or legal guardian to come to our offices to sign the authorization.
  • 24 hours of the jump you will not be able to consume any type of drugs, stimulant, or alcoholic beverage. All this could affect your reaction to the jump and have serious consequences.
  • The 24 hours before or after you can do any underwater activity.
  • You must warn us of any illness or disease that could affect the jump.
  • People with some type of physical disability may jump but must notify in advance to adopt the jump.
If you would like to enjoy life to its fullest, come to visit us and make your dreams come true.

Skydiving Pajares De Los Oteros

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Jesús Bécares Rubio
2 Bad
Reviewed the 08/08/18
about the activity of: Tandem Skydiving Jump at León + Video

Review translated from Spanish

You have to go very heavy from home because with the bank of them you trust 0 and that means you can get annoyed 50 € reserve and not jump to the minimum.

The plane is old and the jump is not made from high altitude.

Company's response:
Jesus your message is completely false and written by a person with anger ... But we will answer to clarify what happened: - Your contrast through Yumping * (* Yumping is a mediator, it is like an "agency of activities" which has its own terms and conditions when it comes to returns and others ... and nothing has to do with those of the own Parachuting Center). - When hiring for Yumping, you must pay for the entire activity, in your case you contracted two activities (one for you and one for your brother). - The reservation was managed once we received the notice of Yumping. - The day of the jump you were and your brother did not meet the weight requirements (which are stipulated on our website and also in the Yumping). * If you did not read them (something you told us that happened, that you had not read them) that is a problem of yours, neither of the Parachute Center nor of Yumping. - You were told what that caused, which is that your brother, for security reasons, could not carry out the activity and the money for the activity was lost. - What happens? That Yumping charges you the totality and you lost the 260 € corresponding to your brother. And we told you that if you had processed the booking directly with us, you would have only "lost" € 50, which is what we asked for. - In an act of good faith on our part, we mediated with Yumping (something that we do not have to do because you have contracted with them directly and you are with them who must fix your disagreements) we got to "return" the rest. - You accepted it and thanked it at the office in our office, because you saw that we lost time and delayed the flight to manage your problem. - Now, after jumping and be happy with the activity and management. After Yumping actually charged you € 50, you complain putting a bad score to the Skydiving Center (when the rift is with Yumping ...). We will also clarify the points that in the review indicate: - The scale is calibrated, but to see how you show us that you do not. But do not affirm without knowing, you are fatal. By the way, your brother did not spend in 1kg or 2kg ... he spent a lot more! - "The plane is old" ... how daring is ignorance. And it is clear that you show a lot about aviation, but we are not going to explain here about the maintenance / antiquity of the aircraft. - The height is neither more nor less than the one advertised, 3,000 meters above the ground (3,800 meters above sea level). That you have been short because you enjoyed it (as you said when going down) that is something that makes us happy, but then there is little ... What has been said, a comment from a person with anger that neither assesses the good faith efforts that were made by him, nor really reviews what the activity enjoyed. In addition to that is wrong in who should assess negatively. Greetings, Signed The management of SKYDIVE LEÓN Skydiving Center

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Lucas Otero-Novas Gómez
10 Very good
Reviewed the 02/08/19
about the activity of: Tandem Skydiving Jump at León + Video

Review translated from Spanish

An initial course is available with all the instructions that must be followed. The monitors are very friendly and provide confidence. Worth.
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