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Pasaje de los Negredos S/N, Aeródromo Provincial de Soria 42162 Garray (Soria)
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Description of Skydive Soria

Are you planning to do one of the most extreme activities in the world? We advise you to give it all you got and do a tandem parachute jump thanks to which you can experience a series of sensations that you could hardly ever feel if it wasn't for jumping out of an aeroplane.

The centre is only 6 miles away from the capital of Soria and very close to provinces such as Santander, Zaragoza, Logroño or Bilbao, among others.

Our professional instructors, who have thousands of jumps behind their backs, will be the ones who accompany you in this adventure and jump with you. You will be harnessed to one of them and, after reaching an altitude of about 13.000 feet you will jump out and fall at a speed of 125 mph. After free-falling for about one minute, the professional parachutist accompanying you will deploy the parachute and you will start gliding at an altitude of 5.000 feet for about 5 minutes.

You can take home a video and a small collection of photos, so you can relive the experience over and over again and show it to your family or friends.

Besides, this is a perfect activity to surprise someone with, so if you have a special gift to make, don't hesitate: it will be an amazing surprise.

And if you have already done a parachute jump and you are interested in a skydiving course, with us you will be able to get the PAC Course (AFF) certificate with which you will become a professional skydiver. To pass it, you will have to carry out a series of jumps accompanied by an instructor, where you won't only learn the basic manoeuvres, but you will also learn to make twists and turns, among other things.

Both for the parachute jump and to do the course, you have to be an adult or older than 16 years old with authorization from one of your parents or your legal guardian.

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Eva Maria Abadias Pelacho
8 Good
Reviewed the 29/09/16

Review translated from Spanish

Wonderful experience. The people who make the profession professionals, to repeat with them.

But the organization was a disaster, four hours late with the schedule and what other people were saying was not the first time.
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María Isabel Gómez Santamaría
10 Very good
Reviewed the 27/06/16

Review translated from Spanish

A great experience worth repeating. The instructors are very friendly, sympathetic and always concerned that you are at ease and offer as much as possible, what you ask them.
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María Isabel Gómez Santamaría
10 Very good
Reviewed the 08/07/16

Review translated from Spanish

It was unforgettable, a unique and indescribable sensation, one of the best experiences of my life, I will repeat it without hesitation and surely return to enjoy the same or more. BRUTAL.
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0 Very poor
Reviewed the 25/09/16

Review translated from Spanish

A painful organization, and 2 days in Soria to jump. No one answers for the expenses and inconveniences ...

Experience well, but certainly not repeat with the company.
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