Bodega El Lomo

Carretera El Lomo 38280 Tegueste (Tenerife)
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Description of Bodega El Lomo

Bodega El Lomo was founded in 1989 which has been reformed and expanded. The capacity of the winery is currently 250,000 liters.

Our facilities consist of a main ship destined for the elaboration, another ship specially designed for the elaboration and aging of wines in cask, as well as areas destined for quality laboratory, dependencies for the workers, patio of multiple uses and room of tasting with capacity for 80 people.

Bodega El Lomo has two vineyards in the municipality of Tegueste. The farm surrounding the winery has three hectares and is cultivated on trellis. The other farm, called El Fidein or Las PeƱuelas, occupies 6 hectares. Most of it is cultivated in open Lira, the rest has recently been converted, moving from the so-called traditional system in back drag.

The lyre system has been introduced in order to increase the exposed leaf area, also to increase planting density, increasing competition among plants, which decreases vigor and increases the quality of the grapes produced. < / p>

The main characteristic of Bodega El Lomo is its verticality, up to 5 meters of unevenness, which allows to perform all the steps from one process to another of the vinification by gravity, avoiding the use of pumps that would reduce the quality of the must.

To obtain a must of the highest quality. It is done by simple gravity, fall of the must, without having to perform any energetic mechanical action on the grapes, if any slight on special drainers.

Get in touch with Bodega El Lomo and come and enjoy unforgettable moments taking a tour of the world of wine.

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