Cim d´Àligues

Paratge del Pi Solitari s/n 08182 Sant Feliu De Codines (Barcelona)
 Aquila verreauxii Haliaetus leucocephalus  Otus Scops  Bubo bubo  Nyctea scandiaca  Gyps fulvus in flight  Gyps fulvus

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Description of Cim d´Àligues

Cim d'Àligues is a raptor bird conservation center, located in Sant Feliu de Codines.

We want everyone who passes through our center to get to know the extraordinary raptors much better and respect and love even more, if possible, these and all animals and nature in general.

You can take a half-hour guided tour of the aviaries , to get an overview of the raptors.

Of course, you can witness a flight session , comfortably seated in our outdoor amphitheater. For 45 minutes you will see several different species of these birds pass over you and in the valley. Meanwhile, caregivers will give us details of each of them.

We have special programs for groups of schoolchildren in which we explain in a very pleasant way what the raptor bird ecosystem is like, its main characteristics, etc.

In summer, we offer special activities for children up to 14 years. If you are looking for a summer esplai , this is a good option.

Come meet the raptors on Cim d'Àligues !

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