Bubble Soccer Fútbol Burbuja Valencia

Valencia 46070 Valencia (City)Valencia
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Description of Bubble Soccer Fútbol Burbuja Valencia

BubbleSoccer is here to stay. Do you know him? A fun and original sport that most likely hasn't reached your ears yet. The players practice it inside a giant plastic bubble and the rules of the game are simple, there are no rules! Here anything goes!

After playing a BubbleScoccer game, soccer will no longer be the same for you. No convoluted plays or backwards passes. The funniest thing about BubbleSoccer is not scoring goals even if you don't believe it. The melee blows -or better, bubble by bubble- between the players come to the fore, it is impossible not to laugh during the game. You will enjoy like a small child.

The BubbleSoccer is of Norwegian origin although it was soon exported to different countries. He had a special reception in the United States. Now it has arrived in Spain and so it seems to stay. If you want to try the BubbleSoccer in Valencia we will be happy to organize a match for you and your friends .

Get ready for a day of sports and laughter . You will need sportswear , comfortable shoes and knee pads . Of course we give you the giant bubble here. You have never tried anything like it! What are you waiting for?

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