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Combat simulations Attack to the village Look for the prisoner Shooting zone Sniper Player with all the protections Entrance to the tunnels

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Description of Manau Airsoft Team

Manau Airsoft Team organizes the best battle simulations. We assure you that you have never seen anything like this before, because at all times you will be fighting like in Vietnam, actively participating in the Second World Two or in any other famous war. 

Everything is prepared in a 20.000 meters per square terrain, in which the complete and detailed battlefields are constructed, where you will find villages, camps or forests to trenches, bunkers or be shooting turrets that lend themselves to complex strategies that force you to think deeply about your attacks and defensive movements before launching yourself into charge.

All the battles have a script to follow and all the players play an important role in the battles because we don't want that anybody stays out of the game. 

The matches have a duration of between 20 minutes and 45 minutes and, in them, each second will be full of tension and action. Also, there is no need to have your own simulation guns nor the protections because everything will be available to be rented in our facilities. 

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