La Flecha de Salamanca

Diseminado Arenal del Ángel, 15 37193 Cabrerizos (Salamanca)
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Descripción de La Flecha de Salamanca

If you like archery and what you want is to perfect your technique and discover your true potential, La Flecha de Salamanca is the sports club that offers just that.

The club has specialized instructors and with a lot of experience to teach you the techniques in the best possible way. Its instructors have won awards in different competitions and have many years of experience and a lot of training time. For this reason, they are the ideal people to give you the wisest advice about sport.

In Salamanca, taking advantage of its delicious weather, you can enjoy the archery courses . Either of initiation, or improvement or even courses of technification you will have the best training you can imagine. In general, many of these courses are aimed at people who want to perfect their techniques in order to participate in high competitions .

However, for those who want to learn the sport and improve it without participating in professional competitions, there are also courses focused on the improvement of techniques with a motive of recreation and leisure .

Do not miss this opportunity to have fun and experience one of the oldest sports of humanity.

Ofertas de Archery cerca de Cabrerizos

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