Beer Bike Tour in Tarragona

Beer Bike Tour in Tarragona

All bicibirra in Tarragona rental companies . Prices and offers of bicibirra in Tarragona so you can enjoy cycling around your city and having beers from a bachelor party or any original, fun and different celebration.
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Company Reus (Tarragona)

The bicibarra is the new fashion activity that is sweeping through all the cities of the world. This peculiar activity mixes cycling with the really important thing: beer. While you are sitting and pedaling the beer will not stop running and we guarantee that we are well provided, the ce... (Beer Bike Tarragona)

300€ per person
1 Prices
Bici Barra Lavacanal
Company Salou (Tarragona)

Lavacanal is a company specialized in the celebration of bachelor parties. Now we have opened a new activity since: Birra Lavacanal Bike. The birra bike is a revolutionary new means of transport consisting of a huge bicycle where you will find two bars and a g... (Beer Bike Tarragona)

The last consultations about budget and prices we have received from interested people

Company in Salou
Pierre · Hi, We are celebrating the wedding of a friend in salou. We would like to know : - where is located your beer bike ? - how much time does it last? - what will we visit? - how much does it View more cost? Thank you very much! Pierre
Company in Salou
Tina · Hi please email more information including price and what is offered within the price. Please also confirm if there is an evening tour.
Company in Salou
Elliot · Hi, we are over for a stag do and looking at booking some things to do. Can you let me know how much etc for a beer bike. Cheers
Company in Salou
Angela · Could you send me a price for the above date its for approx 12 people. And what’s included in the price Many thanks
Company in Salou
Chloe · Hi Are you available for a booking? Please can you provide me with a quote and information. Thanks Chloe
Company in Salou
Tina · Dear sirs this is my second request for free information.. Can you send details of the tour?
Company in Salou
Hannah · Please can you send over a price list and information
Company in Salou
Wood · Hello! We would like to book beer bikes for a group of 32 people on Sunday 26 May. Is this possible? To go along the beach/sightseeing. Thanks