Bungee Jumping in Andorra

Bungee Jumping in Andorra

Bungee Jumping in Andorra: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in bungee jumping companies in Andorra. Bungee jump in Andorra is a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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All the Bungee Jumping companies in Andorra

Experiencia e Muntanya
Company Ordino (Andorra)

Experiencia e Muntanya Puenting challenges you to jump off a bridge, into the void, with the stunning landscapes of the Pyrenees in the background. The bridge we equipped for the jump is the Molleres bridge (Canillo) that offers a more than 80-foot fall. With this type of jump, you will free... (Bungy Jumping Andorra)

25€ per person
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Company Canillo (Andorra)

In the Andorran village of Canillo, at about 5.000 feet of altitude, you have a great opportunity to try the bungee jumping. There awaits you an 82-foot fall that will provide you with an amazing experience. You can choose to be the one who jumps or gift a jump to someone else. In many bachelor... (Bungie Jumping Andorra)

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Coliflor Freestyle
Company Canillo (Andorra)

Have you ever thought it's time to do something exciting? In Cauliflower Freestyle Puenting we suggest that you let yourself be carried away by spectacular sensations that will make you live unique experiences. Bungee jumping is one of our most exciting activities, because it allows you to live... (Bungee Jump Andorra)

Opinions of our adventurers who have done this activity

5 Very good
"I hook you"

Review translated from Spanish

Very good, very attentive monitor. I mobilized to do activity. I loved it. I will repeat for sure. I encourage all of you to do it, an unforgettable experience, worth doing. It hooks you.
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Walter Perez Quiroga
5 Very good
"Fantastic experience"

Review translated from Spanish

The fantastic experience ... but the next time it will have to be more than meters away .... for people who like the adrenaline .... 100% RECOMMENDED !!! For the next trip look for If I could be other content of emotions. Thanks Walter Perez... View more Quiroga
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Oscar Sanchez Matias
5 Very good
"Good organization"

Review translated from Spanish

Good organization and punctual. Swing and spectacular jump from 25 meters on a bridge in Canillo and above an Andorran river.

Adrenaline in pure state and with all the security systems. I would definitely repeat ...
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Abigail Astiarraga Garcia
4 Good
"I recommend 100%"

Review translated from Spanish

It is an activity that completes an adventure trip in Andorra, it is an experience that has to be tried and fills you with adrenaline !!
Personally I have fun, Much doing bungee jumping, I recommend 100% !!
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