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Puerto Deportivo, Muelle Pesquero Nave 3 38779 El Puerto De Tazacorte (La Palma)
 First diving dives in La Palma  Diving through the depths of the Island of Palma  Discover the characteristic fauna of this area of ​​the Atlantic  Discovering the navigable coasts of La Palma  Diving equipment prepared for open water immersions  Prior indications to train as an expert buco  Heading to spend a day of diving on the Island of La Palma

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Description of Blue Magma Diving La Palma

Become an expert diver , how does the idea sound? In Blue Magma Diving La Palma we know that you have had that thorn for a long time, and that is why we put at your disposal the different recreational diving training courses , whatever your level . The three diving coastlines of the Isla de la Palma - the east, south and west coasts - will be our classrooms for learning this intrepid and addictive underwater sport.

Is your first dive ? We give you several options:

  • Activity designed for small groups of beginners who can do 1 or 2 dives in open water, renting the material.
  • Our diving initiation courses: Christening Basic Diver and Open Water Diver SSI. With the completion of these courses you will get a very similar training: basic knowledge about diving and equipment, safety regulations and dives both in confined waters and in the open sea. The difference lies in the duration and number of submersions. Decide for the one that best suits your possibilities.

Are you looking for the best dive center to continue training as a diver? Check out our specific formations to perfect your technique as a discoverer of the sea depths: deep diving, underwater navigation and seabed analysis, oxygen rationalization, night diving, and the course of professional recreational diver.

Do you aspire to become a diving instructor? We also have the lesson that will give you that privilege thanks to our Dive Master SSI BMDPRO . Getting this official degree will allow you to teach snorkeling programs, as well as be part of the staff of any diving school worldwide.

To pass our courses you will receive a manual in which you will find the most important theoretical aspects, as well as the standard equipment. Thanks to them you will get the necessary certification that will allow you to reach the maximum meters to which you can descend in any corner of the planet: 40 meters deep .

And finally, we have to tell you about our novelty to dive through La Palma: resort to the scooter , a kind of turbine that will give you the boost you need to enjoy the marine life of this magnificent ocean island Atlantic: from sightings of dolphins, turtles, brunettes, ... and a whole colorful flora.

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