Summer Camp Sevilla

C/ Balbino Marrón 3 41018 Sevilla (Ciudad) (Seville)
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Description of Summer Camp Sevilla

Summer Camp Sevilla is in a unique and incredible place. We are in Montellano and it is done in a rural house. Our camp is amazing for children to learn English.

This camp is designed for children aged 7 years to 14 years . All children will be in class in groups with the same level. Our monitors are all natives which will make learning easier.

Our philosophy is that children learn English while having fun and having a good time with other classmates. We use the clil method which consists in teaching the language through the use of content, that is, it depends on the activities that are carried out, for example, through the use of tools. It will be 3 hours a day of English classes.

Not everything will be classes, we will also have moments for leisure and we will perform different activities related to nature. We will play different games designed by our leisure and free time monitors. We will also play sports so that children can play as a team.

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