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Camino de la Enfermería 28696 Pelayos De La Presa (Madrid)
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Description of Aventura Amazonia Pelayos

Amazonia Pelayos Adventure , is the second largest Adventure Park in the trees of Madrid, and is one of the best proposals for Leisure in Nature in the Community.

What will you find in Amazonia Pelayos Adventure? More than 21 zip lines and 93 activities that are grouped into 6 adventure circuits. And we also have the longest zip line, from one tree to another, in all of Spain with more than 250 meters !! Everyone can choose in which circuits they will participate, and then move on to other circuits or repeat it as many times as you want in the 3 hours of the activity.

There are circuits for adults where to burn large doses of adrenaline in the largest zip lines in Madrid, and circuits for children, simple and easy, where parents can accompany your children if you feel like it.

The activity is ideal to share with friends, family, celebrate birthdays or bachelor parties, to come with the school or with the company to celebrate a team building event.

As for the ages, the general access to the circuits will be from 115 centimeters in height, and 6 years . From there on, there is no limit. However, to avoid having to leave the little ones at home, there is the "Minikids" area, where those who are between 4 and 7 years old will find their space. This area has a team of monitors specialized in the care and supervision of children.

Prices are between € 12 and € 21 with significant discounts if you come as a group.

Pelayos Park has also introduced the new "smart carabiners" that allow you to enjoy maximum fun in an absolutely safe environment.

If you come by car it will be easy to locate us from the M-501, just after passing the first roundabout of Pelayos de la Presa you will find posters announcing the adventure park. If you prefer public transport, there is a bus stop 350 meters from the package until you will arrive by taking a intercity bus next to the Prince of Pío station in Madrid.

Adventure Sports Pelayos De La Presa

Reviews of Aventura Amazonia Pelayos

Very Good Based on 8 reviews
Very good

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10 Very good
Reviewed the 04/11/10

Review translated from Spanish

I do not know how long it took us to come. We were farewell (with girls) and was the most original of which I participated. There are plenty of ziplines, circuits to choose from, to attractive monitors (hehe) .. ah and quite a few stretches the next day. Totally recommendable and it does not matter if you've never done anything like it.Javi SuperJ
Feedback useful for 16 people Did you find this helpful? Yes
Susana Gracia Muñoz
8 Good
Reviewed the 14/04/13

Review translated from Spanish

I've already met him and I've repeated it. Because we like Much the activity the environment and the organization ... For putting a paste are missing sources to drink, since they only sell water of half liter to 1 euro, which in a hot day you can leave enough money It is in water ...
Feedback useful for 15 people Did you find this helpful? Yes
Luis Dominguez
10 Very good
Reviewed the 28/10/12

Review translated from Spanish

I have been a few days ago in Aventura amazonia, and it has been really fun. It is very exciting to jump on the zip lines and be so high on the ground. I was with friends, and I will have to take my nieces back because they are going to enjoy it a lot !!
Feedback useful for 15 people Did you find this helpful? Yes
Jose Luis Maroto
10 Very good
Reviewed the 26/08/16
about the activity of: Adventure Park in Pelayos. 4 Junior Circuits

Review translated from Spanish

Excellent activity and excellent treatment on your part. The access to it was correctly indicated as well. As we had no problems in identifying the reservation made by the company that managed the park. A success.
Feedback useful for 11 people Did you find this helpful? Yes
Antonio Martín
8 Good
Reviewed the 07/05/12

Review translated from Spanish

I have been to the two Aventura Amazonia parks in Madrid, they are both very well. But in Pelayos it has a zip-line that is impressive ... to me it hallucinates me !!! I would love to have her close to home to do it every day !!
Feedback useful for 4 people Did you find this helpful? Yes
Daniel melero martinez
10 Very good
Reviewed the 19/07/16
about the activity of: Adventure Park for Adults in Pelayos de la Presa

Review translated from Spanish

All very well organized, the monitors very friendly and attentive. I went with my partner and had a great day at the zip lines and the circuits.
Feedback useful for 1 people Did you find this helpful? Yes
Elena  Arribas  Sierra
10 Very good
Reviewed the 11/05/19
about the activity of: Adventure Park in Pelayos. 4 Junior Circuits

Review translated from Spanish

For all those people who want to download adrenaline, it is a highly recommended experience to overcome certain fears and live new experiences. When you pass the first level, you just want to repeat.
Feedback useful for 1 people Did you find this helpful? Yes
angel gonzalez quesada
4 Medium
Reviewed the 04/09/15
about the activity of: Multi Adventure Park for Children in Pelayos

Review translated from Spanish

The good experience and park staff are delivered and professional.

On the web page there is no reference to EXCLUSIVELY there is a monitor to be with the kids in the Kids Zone on weekends.

We booked between the daily to have fun all three at the same time and in the end we had to take turns between my wife and I with the child to be able to do some circuit.
Very bad that management because we lost moments of laughter as we would have planned based on the information published on the web.
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