Hiking in Ezcurra/ezkurra

Hiking in Ezcurra/ezkurra

Hiking in Ezcurra/ezkurra, Trekking in Ezcurra/ezkurra: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers of walking hiking guides in Ezcurra/ezkurra and trekking routes in Ezcurra/ezkurra. Hiking routes in Ezcurra/ezkurra and trekking experiencies in Ezcurra/ezkurra are a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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Company Ezcurra/ezkurra (Navarra)

With Basojaun the Malerreka Valley acquires a new meaning as we guide your steps along hiking trails where we let the exceptional landscapes of the high Bidasoa and the high Urumea invade us. . We care who you are because it is not the same to visit us with school, than with friends or in a particular way. We want to integrate you into the environment and feel it as yours. We will achieve this by transforming our trip into whatever you like, using the historical, legendary or mythological side because the area contains great stories that must be known and sustained in the memory of new generations. If you are looking for limits you will not find them in Basojaun because it is almost infinite what we can do for you, with combinations that never end between: - Natural dream routes : you just have to look at our photos to check. From the Water Route, to the one in Valle Escondido, through the Pilotasoro or the Naziers of Ezkurra, we will walk our history on foot and be surprised to discover that there are still paradises on earth. - Activities that accompany the season of the year : in autumn we collect the expected chestnuts and see the birds that accompanied us on warmer dates migrate, while in winter we can participate in the "slaughter" or reach Spring to perform work in the garden. If it occurred to you, we can surely do it. - Accommodation : in the Matxitxulo cottage, for example, with comfortable spaces for small and larger groups. After a day of activity, a cozy bed will be waiting for us in a complete house with more than you might need. (Walking Hiking Ezcurra/ezkurra)

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