Centro Hípico Haras de Compostela

Haras de Compostela. Texexe, 41 15866 Santiago De Compostela (A Coruña)
 After the horse race learn to ride with us  we start the route  we have the best horses  Route between rural roads  Ride on the horse

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Description of Centro Hípico Haras de Compostela

In the Haras de Compostela Equestrian Center we are specialists in everything related to the equestrian world. Among the wide offer we have in our center, the horse riding we make for the nature that surrounds us are of special interest.

In our company all people will find the ideal horse route to fully enjoy these animals and nature.

First of all we offer one-hour horse routes to which all people, even without any experience , can go. Before starting the activity we will give you the basic instructions necessary to make the journey without difficulties. This together with the ease of drawing, the docility of our animals and the constant help and company of one of our monitors will make you live a truly unique experience.

Secondly, we have routes that go from 2 to 4 hours and in which we already demand some previous experience to be able to Participate in them. Within these routes we have some very prominent and that delight all our visitors as is the tour we do through the vineyards of the Ribeira Sacra . Another much in demand is our route along the coasts closest to us or also the one that takes us on the Finisterre Road .

To learn more about all the horse riding we do, contact Haras de Compostela Horse Riding Center . We will inform you about all the possibilities and you tell us what you prefer to visit on horseback.

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