Hípica Loreak

Txurdiñene Bidea 47 20017 Donostia san Sebastian (Guipúzcoa)
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Description of Hípica Loreak

Hípica Loreak is a company located in San Sebastián, in the province of Guipúzcoa, where we devote ourselves to the world of horse riding. 

It offers its clients all kinds of services related to horse riding such as: a horse riding school (with classes for all levels, from beginners, to professional experts who would like to improve their technique), taming classes, show-jumping contests, galloping exams, horse care, etc. 

Also, those who would like to, can join us on a tour across the surroundings of this area thanks to the horse-riding tours and trips, organized by us. You need to take into account that a minimum horse riding experience will be needed since, some of our routes are meant to go at a trot and, sometimes, even at a gallop. The itinerary of the route will always be planned in advance and with in collaboration with our customers in order to guarantee that it will meet your requirements and needs. The same happens with the duration of our routes, which can last half a day, an entire day, or even several days if you want. In any of these cases, you will always be accompanied by a professional instructor and guide.  

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