La Casona del Patio

Avenida de la Iglesia, 68 38690 Santiago Del Teide (Tenerife)
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Description of La Casona del Patio

La Casona del Patio offers you the possibility to enter the world of horse riding by doing some of its horse riding through Santiago del Teide . Without a doubt, an unbeatable and incomparable place to enjoy this type of activity.

The smallest and the largest, while galloping, will be surprised by the stunning views of the natural landscape so different and yet so unique that surrounds them.

A place that is characterized by having Canarian pine and almond as vegetation. They will also enjoy their fauna and other flora. You choose the duration of the ride: one, two or three hours on the horse's back.

All our r utas are guided by a great professional, who will not only teach you the basic techniques for riding, but will also be in charge of showing you the most emblematic corners of the area.

Enjoy a quiet walk through the wonderful landscape offered by the Picón floor, Teide and Chinyero.

But if a horse ride knows you little and you want to become a true rider , from La Casona del Patio we teach riding lessons.

What are you waiting for to gallop? We will be happy to receive you!

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How to get there?
You will find us at the Hotel La Casona del patio, at the exit of Santiago del Teide towards Masca