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Sa Drassera de Randa s/n 07629 Randa (Mallorca)
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Descripción de Mallorca Horses

Can you imagine knowing Mallorca on horseback? In Mallorca Horses you have the plan to start riding in a very simple and fun way.

You will have at your fingertips to live the adventure of riding a horse of Pure Spanish Breed, because from Mallorca Horses we organize walks full of fantasy, through which you will discover the most impressive places of our island. Vineyards, the town of Randa or the monasteries of Cura are some of the points that we propose to visit.

With our long-term departures we can stop for all riders to enjoy an appetizing picnic, or eat at one of the restaurants in this Balearic area. In addition to our tours, Mallorca Horses offers horse riding, sponsorship and horse riding lessons, personalized courses and tumbling lessons.

We are a pioneer center in our country in terms of equestrian promotion and dissemination. We have been training riders of all ages and making all kinds of dreams come true for more than 25 years.

In Mallorca Horses we use the most suitable horses for each rider, while our animals have a good level of dressage, some of them up to high school level and regularly participate in shows and competitions.

Horse Riding Mallorca Horse Riding Randa

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