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Offers of Indoor Skydiving Pontevedra

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    Wind tunnel 2 flights in Porto for adults
    1. Wind tunnel 2 flights in Porto for adults
    Maia (Porto)
       Last 15 days ago

    Much closer than you think, you have this flight simulator, just 1 hour and a half from the capital of Pontevedra and with exceptional facilities. Get 2 flights that you will always remember.

    4 Bookings Verified
    1-100 max
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    Wind tunnel 2 flights in Porto for children

    Children also have the right to fly! That is why with an offer as cheap as it is, you will want to travel from Pontevedra and make your dream come true. 2 flights that you will surely want to repeat.

    1 Bookings Verified
    1-100 max Yes
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    Wind tunnel for 2 people 4 flights in Porto
    price per activity

    If you are looking for an adrenaline rush for 2 people, this Indoor skydiving offer will leave you completely satisfied. Fly near Pontevedra with whoever you want to take.

    1 Bookings Verified
    2-2 max
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    Wind tunnel 10 flights for 5 people Porto
    price per activity

    Never before have you had at a more affordable price the opportunity to spend a day of guaranteed fun with the 4 people you want. Come fly with us from Galicia.

    5-5 max
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    Wind tunnel family 3 people 6 flights Porto
    price per activity

    Visit the facilities of this family flight simulator, an experience that you can enjoy spending the day visiting the beautiful city of Porto, just 90 minutes from Pontevedra.

    3-3 max

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