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Calle Amatista, 3 28971 Griñon (Madrid)
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Description of Madrid Kite school

Kitesurfing is a very different activity and it involves a very attractive combination of several sports disciplines. In Madrid Kite School we wanted to create a space in which to have everything you need to practice this sport: we know the best places, with the most favorable weather conditions , we rent all the material necessary and we teach you to become a kitesurf specialist.

Our star offer is the kitesurf courses, in which we will focus on your learning because we want you to enjoy this special sport. It is a somewhat different sport than others because it requires some prior knowledge to ensure that the practitioner has a safe experience.
Our courses are divided into different phases, and so you can discover quietly if you feel comfortable practicing this sport and you like it, we offer you the possibility to hire certain phases of the course instead of the full course.

For example, you can hire the first phase of the course, which is a three-hour session and is somewhat more theoretical than the other phases. At this stage you will learn to ride the kite, its parts and identify the best places for it, and you will also receive theoretical information about the wind , a crucial element in the practice of this sport.

In this phase you will also live your first kite flight experience to put into practice everything learned in the best way imaginable.
In addition, we will practice a series of exercises that will take us to the next level. Remember that we will never move on to another exercise until we have controlled the previous ones.

From that point on, the course continues with other more practical phases to achieve the training objectives: to provide the student with all the necessary skills so that he can practice the sport on his own.

In addition, the course includes the following equipment for free; equipment that you can also rent if you already practice the sport:

-Kite complete with its control bar

- Harness to hook us to the kite

-Hull for your safety
-Chaleco to protect the torso and get extra flotation

-Neoprene to keep the body at a pleasant temperature

-Walkie system attached to the helmet to receive instructions from your monitor

-Civil Liability Insurance for your peace of mind

The courses are taught in places where the wind is suitable for kitesurfing: Alarcón and Valdecañas reservoirs.

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