Music Camps in Galicia

Music Camps in Galicia

Guide to music campaigns in Galicia . Find prices for musical camps in Galicia where to practice modalities such as rock, dance or theater. All companies that organize music camps in Galicia and activities for children and young people.
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from 125€
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All the Music Camps companies in Galicia

Company Agolada (Pontevedra)
Campamento Musical de Agolada
125€ per person
3 Prices
1 Feedback
Company A Coruña (City) (A Coruña)
Colegio Internacional Eirís
Company Oleiros (A Coruña)
Escuela Púlsar
Company Lugo (City) (Lugo)
Granja de Barreiros

Frequently asked questions about Music Camps in Galicia

  • You can buy or give away Music Camps in Galicia from 125€. There are 4 companies and you have 2 offers to choose the one you like the most.
  • The main locations to do Music Camps in Galicia are: