Paint Kombat

PI los Llanos 14850 Baena (Córdoba)
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Description of Paint Kombat

Paint Kombat is a paintball field that is located in the Cordoba town of Baena , an hour's drive from Córdoba or Jaén and an hour and a half from Granada.

His proposal aims to differentiate himself from the rest of paintball fields. For this they have a semi indoor field , in which there are two ships connected underground. They also have accessories such as water nebulizers, smoke machines , sound and lights. All this, together with the different game modes that can be played make the battles in Paint Kombat unique and different from everything you've seen before.

The necessary material is delivered by the company to each player, and is in perfect condition and ready to be used. It includes a protective mask with a wide field of vision (to avoid the tunnel effect), a marker gun, an initial charger and a full-length jumpsuit to prevent paint stains on clothing.
Although paintball is a game in which it is difficult to cheat since paint stains show who has been eliminated and who has not, the games are arbitrated by specialized monitors. Your job is, on the one hand, to make the rules of the game respected and decide the winner of each battle. On the other hand, they must also ensure that all safety standards are respected.

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