Paragliding in Asturias

Paragliding in Asturias

Paragliding in Asturias: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in paraglide clubs in Asturias and paragliding schools. Tandem paragliding lessons in Asturias are a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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Paragliding experiences in Asturias

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Company Oviedo (Asturias)
Parapente Factory Asturias
50€ per person
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Company Gijón (Asturias)
46€ per person
4 Prices
28 reviews
Company Arriondas (Asturias)
Escuela Asturiana
Company Gijón (Asturias)
Fly Asturias
34 reviews
Company Gijón (Asturias)
Volar en Asturias
11 reviews
Company Gijón (Asturias)
Parapente Asturias
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Tips if you are going to do Paragliding in Asturias

Do paragliding in Asturias will give you the opportunity to fly over all kinds of landscapes in the province. You will be able to cross the Asturian community from the Costa Verde, following the slopes of its mountains or deciding on high mountain aerial experiences.

Watch this video to see a paragliding flight through Asturias:

What paragliding flight zones are there in Asturias?

You can fly in paragliding in Oviedo, Gijón, Arriondas, Naveces, Providence, Costa Verde, Avilés and Angliru peaks are some of the parts of Asturias that you can fly over in paragliding.

Here we develop it for you:

The schools and paragliding centers in Asturias are located in two of its main cities, in Oviedo and Gijón, as well as in other strategic points for this form of flight, such as Arriondas and Naveces. When you leave in tandem, with an instructor responsible for the activity, it helps you to be of legal age. In some cases, you can also fly in the Asturian province with parental authorization before the age of 14. The important thing is that the paraglider passenger weighs at least 30 kilos, is just for safety.

Decide what kind of Asturian landscape you want to have under your feet and reserve your adventure in the skies of northern Spain:

- Coast Flights: Climb the tandem paraglide in La Providencia with the advantage of trying this adventure a few minutes from the capital of Gijón. It is a journey in which the views of the cliffs and the Cantabrian Sea combine for an average time of 20 minutes. Keep in mind that with the landing and takeoff you will reach half an hour. We will be in the Parque de la Providencia oriented to the west which allows us to go through Peñarrubia beach. While we continue we arrive at Rinconín and San Lorenzo Beach. Somio and the neighborhood to which it gives its name will remain.

The Cuervo Hil (La Colina del Cuervo)l with a vertical drop of up to 60 meters is another of the flight areas of the Providencia neighborhood, with the difference that we are oriented towards the north and the eastern part of Asturias. Thus we discover the natural spaces towards Villaviciosa. This leaves us on La Cagonera, on the beach of Serín, or the Paseo de la Ñora.

You have the opportunity to make a flight of similar characteristics staying at the Costa Verde for 1 hour, in total. In this time the preparation and the talk with the theoretical concepts that you need to know to go out in paragliding in Asturias are already included. Here, you can find more information.

If you are in Avilés, you will fly very close to the urban center, a few kilometers away, above the Xagó Beach, whose sand and dunes extend over 1500 meters. It takes off from Otero for flights starting at 15 minutes.

- Paragliding at the foot of the mountain: If you want to stay to fly in the skirts of the mountain you can do it in the Picu del Sol taking off at 430 meters near La Camocha where we will have a panoramic view of Gijón on the horizon. In this case, the conditions in terms of currents are going to be decisive for the duration. If the day is very calm we will only be in the air 8 minutes until the landing point with a vertical drop of 300 meters. If we find currents that prolong the activity we can approach the type of high mountain flight.

- High mountain paragliding in Asturias: The popular Senda del Oso will make you fly at 1000 meters of altitude, taking off from Proaza, which belongs to the council of Teverga and is located south of it. It will only take an hour to get there if you go from Gijón. In return, you will have a paragliding air trip of up to 40 minutes since the definitive time depends on the weather of the day.

This type of extreme emotions in the air can be obtained also in the peaks of Angliru, in the Sierra del Aramo, and Coto Bello in the council of Aller.

Book your flight in paragliding in Asturias and do it with photo report to take home your beautiful landscapes.

Opinions of our adventurers who have done this activity

4 Good
"Highly recommended experience"
Highly recommended experience. Great professionals. Great treatment. Extreme precautions. I recommend flying over the coast to anyone who is more afraid, since there the height reached in paragliding is about 90 m, while in the Pico del Sol about... View more 490 m. I tried on the coast because at Peak the weather (excessive wind) did not allow us to fly there. The truth that my boy would have loved to fly from the Peak, the views were a real pass, better than the coast even, but I do not know if from that height would have been able to shoot me for the first time ... lol! Maybe next time, now that I've tried it, I'll do it from Pico, if time permits ... Thanks for the experience to Yumping and Parapentalia !!
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Ramón Ruiz Bermúdez
5 Very good
"Awesome experience"
Awesome paragliding experience. We flew from Crow's Hill; You can not lose this. The kindness of the people of this company is total; they pamper you and do everything you can to fly. Very important the fact that they warn you the night... View more before the flight to cancel or not according to the weather. Thanks to the two people who helped us on land and especially to Diego (Coco), the pilot.
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Mikel Saratxo Moro
5 Very good
"Very positive experience"
The experience has been very positive. The flight lasts 20 minutes (what was said in the advertisement) and runs along the cliffs near Gijón. You are provided with a GoPro to be able to record the flight in flight, You have to carry a miniSD... View more card or they will sell you one ah- At a price that is more than reasonable. Highly recommended if this is the first time you practice paragliding (as was my case).
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5 Very good
"Great experience"
Great experience. The monitor, Fernando, a charm. We went 5 and the 5 were delighted. The weather conditions were not 100% complete, but we were able to carry out the activity safely. You could see the professionalism of the monitor. The views... View more of Gijon from the air are amazing and just so worth it.
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The last consultations about budget and prices we have received from interested people

Company in Gijón
Akiko · Hello, would it be possible for you to organise paragliding today? We are staying in Lastres. Thank you.
Company in Gijón
Akiko · Hello, would it be possible for you to organise paragliding today? We are staying in Lastres.
Company in Gijón
Jeff · I am interested in flying this week. When is the best time and when are you available.
Company in Gijón
Grace · I've never paraglided before but I want to try it out in Gijon