La Casa de Los Enigmas

Senador Castillos Olivares, 39, 2º 35003 Las Palmas De Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria)
 Enjoy La Celda Security cameras  Play a poker game  Get away  Kara Kortada Meeting Room  Escape before time runs out

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Description of La Casa de Los Enigmas

Do you think you can fully immerse yourself in the mafia world and be able to get out of it safe and sound? If you live in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or you plan to visit them, don't miss out on enjoying one of the best thematic adventures of our land. We wait for you in The House of Enigmas , where you will have to face legends, secrets and mysteries, ready to be discovered by the bravest and daring adventurers of the region.

You will enter La Casa Nostra , a room where time has stopped almost a century ago, where mafias ruled the bars and cities, skipping the dry law and any rule that would not allow them to live Life as they wanted. Do you want to be part of this select group of thugs? Come with your family and friends, forming a group of 2 and 5 people , to work for and for it. You will have to strive and overcome the different tests that the organization puts on you, in which you will show what paste you are made of. You will have 55 minutes to complete the mission and become part of La Familia.

If you want to become private investigators, the Er Fula Library or is waiting. Thanks to books, stories and furniture, you will have to find and discover who was the author of one of the most brutal murders of our island. You will find a fully equipped room, where tranquility reigned until a bloodthirsty criminal made an appearance. If you don't want to see your faces with him, solve the mystery before time runs out.

For those who want to test their temperance, we have designed the adventure of La Celd a. Time is running and you will have to flee before a maximum security prison, before time runs out. You will be in the dark, so the shadows will have to become your main allies. If once you run away you feel like hiding from the police, there's nothing like the Kara Kortada Meeting Room . Take advantage and enjoy a game of poker, but be careful because it can be deadly.

Challenges, mysteries and trials await you at La Casa de Los Enigmas !

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