Escape Room Logroño

Carretera del Cortijo, km 3 26005 Logroño (La Rioja)
Group of four players  Jail bars  Rusty padlock  Old cell  You will be locked  Dark confinement

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Description of Escape Room Logroño

In Escape Room Logroño the action takes place inside a completely enclosed room. You will be an active part of a game in which 60 minutes separate you from the exit by interpreting clues. We do not assure you that you will get it. It is up to you.

In this adventure, a psycho you were about to arrest makes you your target. When you access the room where you expected to find it, you stay inside after hearing how the door is sealed. Start the countdown to get you to see the light again. Luckily, if you know how to connect the elements that are inside the room you have a chance.

Due to the themes and characteristics of the enigmas we propose, we recommend that players be at least 15 years old . You do not need anything more than to think about every detail you are going to see, it is not necessary to dress in a concrete way or be strong. The required skills are mental.

We will put you under the pressure of the stopwatch that will be discounting minute by minute until the hour is fulfilled, we hope you have achieved success before this happens. If someone does not stand the pressure, just press the panic button so that the organization facilitates the exit. If this happens, others can continue playing so that the murderer does not get away with it.

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