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Avenida de Lugo, 4A 15702 Santiago De Compostela (A Coruña)
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Description of Gallaecia Fugit

The Camino de Santiago not only ends at the Cathedral, it continues with the adventure of Gallaecia Fugit. In this escape game you will be a combination between pilgrims and researchers with the responsibility of saving the vital relics of the Apostle Santiago .

- Immersed in history : the disappearance of the archbishop of Compostela is not the only serious event. With him is the secret of where the Apostle's relics are located. Aware that the culprits have gone looking for them, there is the option that he could hide them before they were taken away. Your role will be to recover them, if you don't get it they will disappear in eternity.

- Game requirements : the room is accessed in groups. A minimum number of 2 players and 5 at most is essential since with too many people at the same time the information is blurred. Once organized there are 60 minutes to find the solution, not one more. In addition to leaving the room with the solution at this time you can try to set a new record about the time achieved by other players.

The riddles are aimed at the public that is over 18 years old but you can have a minor member while he is 14 years old.

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