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Avenida de L'Onze de Setembre, 6 43203 Reus (Tarragona)
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Description of Mind Clue

Many times we ask questions that have no answer, especially in the world of close encounters with extraterrestrial life. Now you are very close to knowing and living it all in the first person with your friends or family, in the city of Reus. You will participate in an escape game for 2 to 6 people inside a room. There, in less than 60 minutes, you should observe your surroundings, use creativity and intuition to solve the puzzle and escape on time before it's too late.

Surely you've heard of Area 51 in Las Vegas. Officially facilities of the US Army with totally restricted access. These strong security measures have given rise to a series of rumors about what is really there, concluding all of the same: evidence of extraterrestrial life .

You and your companions are no longer in Reus or today. You have entered an Area 51 bunker in 1947. Your mission is to investigate and solve what happened in the laboratory, after the Roswell accident when an unidentified flying object was found. Disabling the sequence of self-destruction is your main mission. All your skills will be tested in a puzzle set but don't believe for a moment that you are alone. Someone else accompanies you, or something else. A visitor.

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